26 Apr 2013

Potato Chips

Every now and then I just love fried potato chips (or french fries).  I'm not really fond of 'shlap' chips that they serve in fast food places - seriously - those are just so not cooked enough.  In my opinion they need to be a lovely golden brown and a bit crispy.  This is my recipe that works perfectly every time.  Easy, simple and yummy.  if the peels on the potatoes are nice - leave them on.  

Potatoes, (work on about 2 potatoes per person)
A generous sprinkling of salt
sunflower oil (enough to just cover the potatoes)

- Put the oil in a deep pan to heat up
- Slice the potatoes thinly in sticks.
- Sprinkle the raw potato chips with salt (this is the trick to their crunchiness)
- Check that the oil is hot enough by putting one potato stick in the oil.  It must frizzle and rise to the surface.
- Add all the raw potato chips, carefully one handful at a time.
- Turn the whole lot over a couple of times to brown all over.  Don't turn too often or too soon, else they turn to mush.
- Drain on newspaper
- Sprinkle with more salt, and paprika

You can re-use the sunflower oil a few times. I put mine in a large glass jar and store it in the fridge, until the next chip craving comes along

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