I love to cook, play in the kitchen is actually more like it!  To me... a recipe is just a guideline to adapt and play with... it's fun! A game of love and artistic expression.  I love simple recipes, and always 'cheat' and adapt more complicated recipes.  You can create the most fabulous food without slaving away for hours in the kitchen. 
This blog focuses mainly on easy meals, that the whole family can enjoy.  

Welcome to my blog, my name is Keren.  I live in a remote area of South Africa in KZN.  Surrounded by nature, the natural bush, amazing bird life, my wonderful family (hubby and the most gorgeous little girl), our pets (horses, dogs and a cat), and all the wildlife (that raid my veggie patch).  I am basically a farm girl, bush kid (if you will) and have a love of homegrown, home-cooked, home-made produce. Anything natural and organic really. 
  I grow my own herbs and vegetables.  I make my own compost, and also have a worm farm.  I try not to use chemicals of any kind. We try to be as self sufficient out here as possible.  We utilize the sun's energy for our geysers and our grey water for the garden.  The garden is strictly indigenous with beautiful plants from South Africa.

Fabulous Farm Living
This site contains fabulous homemade cleaning and other recipes for use in and around the home.  As well as fabulous ideas and concepts that we use in our own home for a greener lifestyle, such as grey water systems, rain water irrigation systems, composting, worm farming, growing your own produce, etc.  There is also some ideas for projects to keep the kids busy, And pre-school homeschooling ideas.  I like to keep my home as natural and chemical free as possible, living a healthy lifestyle with as little impact on the environment as possible.

Combretum Carpentry:
This is a site portraying beautiful natural woodwork, as well as decking within KZN, South Africa.   All hand-made by my talented hubby.


  1. Good Morning to you, It is lovely to meet you. Like you I love cooking and yes I agree, a recipe is a guideline.... I always make a dish once, the way it is written, then the second time, I adjust ingredients to how we, as a family, enjoy food.
    I am sorry I cannot use your name to say hello, because I could not find it anywhere on your blog.
    I have just become a new follower and I am now going to catch up on your posts.
    Best Wishes to you from a rainy England.

  2. Hi Keren! I found your blog in Bloggy Moms and I love it. Followed you right up! I will definitely try some of your recipes. They all look good actually.

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