29 Mar 2013

Marula Liqueur

Marulas drop like crazy off the trees in December, January.  And what better way than to make your own Liqueur.  I am not particularly fond of the creamy version of this drink as found in shops. as the actual marula flavour is lost ad-mist the cream.  This recipe however is just fab!

Ingredients:800g Marulas
750ml Vodka
5ml Fenugreek
4 Whole All spice
500g (625ml) Sugar
650ml Water

Peel the Marulas.

Place the Marulas, Vodka, fenugreek, and all spice in a clean, dry glass or earthenware container with a tight fitting lid. 

Leave to stand in a warm spot for 3 weeks. Shake every morning and evening.
Pour the mixture 1st through a clean dry sieve and then strain through 2 layers of cheesecloth. Set aside.
Mix the sugar and water in a heavy bottomed pot, stir over low heat until the sugar has melted. Bring to the boil and boil for 17 minutes.
Remove the syrup from the stove and leave to cool.
Mix the Syrup with the Marula mixture.

Pour the liqueur into dry sterilized bottles, cork, seal and mark. Store for 1 month before use.

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