29 Mar 2013

Basic method for making liqueurs


Weigh the clean, peeled & stoned fruit. The nuts (pip) and the sugar.
Place the fruit & spices or herbs in a clean, dry glass or earthenware container with a tight fitting lid.
Add the alcohol, mix well & close.
Leave to stand in a warm, sunny spot indoors. 

Shake regularly to spread the flavour of the ingredients.
1st pour the fruit alcohol mixture through a clean sieve & then through a cheesecloth pegged firmly to the edges on a glass bowl. The aim of this procedure is to clarify the liqueur.
Pour the sugar, water or wine into the heavy bottomed pot and heat at a low temperature whilst stirring. Then bring to boiling point and boil until the syrup has the right consistency. 

Remove from the stove.
Leave the syrup to cool. 

Add the flavoured alcohol to the cold syrup. 
Pour the liqueur into sterilized bottles, cork and seal. 
Store and leave to mature according to the instructions. This improves the flavour.

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